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Stretch Tents for Sale

Stretch Tents for Sale the South African climate is perfectly suitable for outdoor events and therefore the trend of stretch tents is common here. They also help the guests to enjoy more especially when the stretch tent decor is aesthetically done. With nice lighting and decorative elements, stretch tents look simply amazing.

If you are looking for versatile stretch tents for sale in South Africa, look no further. We are a leading name when it comes to world-class stretch tents manufactured in accordance with global standards with great precision. Our tents are perfect-fit for all kinds of large and small events like stage events, film-shooting, corporate parties or weddings. We are proud to state that we are a trusted stretch tent manufacturing company with clients worldwide. Contact us to buy stretch tents of various sizes, styles and colours. We also have decorative tents with holes for that futuristic look.



Hi-tech manufacturing process: We use advanced manufacturing technology and lab tested fabrics to manufacture highly durable stretch tents. Our stringent quality measures, experienced people and immense industry experience, all play a key role. Our tents quality is unmatched.

Feature-rich And Versatile: Our high-quality stretch tents are made using waterproof, anti-fungal, and fire-resistant fabrics. They not only keep you protected in bad weather but are also long-lasting and practical. These tents also serve a perfect shading solution for restaurants and commercial spaces..
Enhance Ambience: With our heavy-duty stretch tents, you can transform your party venue into someplace spectacular. We can help you to set-up a perfect party venue with sturdy tents, wonderful lighting and comfortable and modern seating arrangement. Decorative pillars inside the tent can be enhanced with some magical lights. Moreover, lanterns and chandeliers can also be used to decorate the venue. Our bright stretch tents would surely liven up the outdoor party mood. Moreover, your guests would be stunned to see the stretch tent décor..
Easy-to- Assemble: Our flexible tents can be easily assembled without any hassle. They can be set-up in an endless variety of shapes and structures according to the event. In case you want to host a grand event, you can combine two or more tents for large gathering..
Variety of Tents: You can choose different types of tents according to your event. Choose from Bedouin style tents, themed coloured tents in lovely hues, framed tents or stretch canopies, etc. We also manufacture custom tents with graphics or company logo for brand building..
Stretch Tents Size: We can also make a tent as per any custom requirements. Our Bedouin Tents range from 5m x 10m through to 15m x 33m..
Low Price Stretch Tents: Our stretch tents for sale are manufactured using the latest technology from double ply stretch fabric. Yet, we sell them at competitive prices. You can even buy stunning stretch tents with heavy duty PVC covers at half the price.



Stretch Tents We can ensure the best stretch tent prices but first, you need to think about your tent requirements. When you look for the stretch tents for sale prices, you need to consider few factors like whether you need them as a permanent solution or you want to install a tent for one or few days’ events.
If you want stretch tents for a one-day wedding or corporate event then you can hire a durable best quality stretch tent from us. Else if you want to build a semi-permanent structure for your cafeteria, restaurant or office cafeterias then you can buy our heavy-duty tents.
Our stretch tents for sale prices vary for varying needs. Before you choose, you need to consider these factors.
You need to decide what type of stretch tent you need any type of event you need it for like wedding party, corporate event, valentine day party or stage event. Then we can help you to choose the best tents at affordable prices.
If you want a seating arrangement and dining tables for your guests then you should tell us the kind of arrangement you want before hiring the tent. Along with that please tell us about the total number of guests. This will help us suggest the right tent size.
Do you want a catering setup, central bar counter and dance floor inside the tent? Please tell us about any such specific requirements. We can arrange all these things inside the stretch tents and we will estimate the price of the tent accordingly.
Tell us if you need some decorative poles inside the tents, free-standing tents or a separate entrance for the guests. This will help us give you an accurate quote according to your needs. Additionally, we can also help you with tent decor.
Once you inform us about your event, we can schedule a visit to your event site. Our designer will inspect your event and include all the necessary costs in the estimate. Then we can easily offer you stretch tents for sale prices and you can decorate your event at a very affordable cost.
Our all stretch tents collections are UV resistant, fire resistant and weatherproof. Moreover, we can provide you with the best quality stretch tents for sale prices. As we stated that we have different kinds of tents and we can provide full assistance for assembling the tents. So, it will include some additional costs.
Restaurant owners, corporate event organizers, party planners, festival organizers, corporate companies and any person looking for some decorative stretch tents for sale prices, can contact us.



Stretch Tent Fabric We are one of the best stretch tent manufacturers in South Africa and deliver best quality tents and tent fabrics to our wide range of clients. We have a professional and efficient production team with some of the best designers and technicians, etc. All of them work together as a team to come up with world-class tents for varying needs.
Our experienced and passionate production team executes every step of manufacturing stretch tents from the design to manufacturing and from stitching to packaging with finesse. Our tent installation team is also professional and efficient. Moreover, as the best stretch tent fabric suppliers, we sell all kinds of tent fabrics and also make customized tents. Rest assured that you will get the best fabric and materials of stretch tents from us.

Key Aspects of Our Stretch Tent Fabrics and Production

  • We use some best quality three-ply stretch tent fabrics and materials for stretch tent and our tents are fire resistant, waterproof and they even prevent the UV rays completely.
  • Stretch tent fabric and materials are designed by our scientific engineers and these materials are stretchable and durable allowing us to make versatile stretch tents at minimum cost.
  • We do not compromise with the quality of the tent fabric and materials, come what may. We cannot risk our reputation by being careless about quality.
  • Our designers, engineers, fabricators, technicians, supervisors and managers are professionally trained and highly experienced in this field. They use their expertise and sound knowledge to make some of the best designer stretch tents as per customers’ needs.
  • Before we use the fabric to make stretch tents, we do a lab test to be certain that its quality is good and worth using to make a quality tent with perfect seams and joints perfectly suited for your outdoor events.
  • Our quality control department ensures that every stage of stretch tent manufacturing follows the standards and meet the required criteria. Our production unit can easily design some tailor-made stretch tents for you.


  • Some of our stretch tent fabrics for sale have inner Teflon coating while others are 100% waterproof. They are highly durable and thus perfect for long-term use. Our anti-microbial tent fabrics can be easily repaired too.
  • Regarding the quality of stitching, be assured as seams are well done and add to the tent’s strength. The icing on the cake is that our stretch tents are easy to wash and maintain. They do not wear out easily. If you prefer matt finish tents, we have that as well.

Simply tell us your requirements, and we will produce the tent with some best quality fabric and materials and deliver them to your location within a short time. We are also a leading name among stretch tent fabric suppliers.


Stretch Tents with Holes, If you want to make your outdoor party event special, go for stretch tents with holes as they can make the venue look luxurious, exclusive and one-of-its-kind when installing creatively. You can contact us to choose the best stretch tents for your wedding, corporate party, and other such occasions. Stretch tents with holes are the trendiest design that can transform any party venue look sensational. Here’s how:

  • Tents with holes are installed creatively along with regular no hole tents in such a way that the venue becomes extraordinary. Our installers use their imaginative and artistic abilities to install these tents.
  • Believe us, our colourful stretch tents with holes can create an outstanding ambience for your party. We can provide you with the best colourful stretchable designer stretch tents with innovative styles.
  • You can also use them in restaurants and banquets. With thoughtful LED lighting, the results are remarkable.
  • If you want to have a dance floor, you must choose our stretch tents with holes because these colourful tents can be used over the dance floor. It will suit your party venue perfectly. We can also design a suitable background with the tent materials.
  • Apart from that, you can also choose our stretch tents with holes for your corporate events and we can decorate the event site with some elegant colourful stretch tent materials and fabric. For example, you can cover the site with perforated stretch tents, and you can stretch the fabric from the roof to the side wall.

We can assure you to provide best quality tents as per international standard. Not only that, our flexible and durable no hole tents are perfect for all kind of events. You can also install some freestanding stretch tents on your roof to create some additional sitting place.