Pagoda Tents

Pagoda Tents for Sale

Tents for Sale manufactures high-quality Pagoda Tents in custom sizes. Pagoda Tents are square with a pyramid-shaped roof.

The frame or structure of the tent is made with galvanized steel or aluminium and there are no poles in the centre of the tent as in a peg and pole tent. This frame is freestanding.

The tent can be made with high-quality PVC in various colours. Pagoda tents consist of a durable roof and sidewalls.

The tent is made with high-quality PVC that has a chemically engineered coating for protection and longevity. The structure forms a great shelter that is both waterproof and fire resistant.

The tent has zip entrance doors which allow for flexibility during functions. The side walls can also be removed for further flexibility.

Pagoda tents are extremely versatile, they can be joined together in any form with rain gutters to form a tunnel, an entrance to a building, a reception area or individual stalls for fairgrounds and festivals. Pagoda tents are ideal for cocktail parties, beach parties, small functions, reception areas at a larger function, parties, weddings, corporate events and any other function.

They can even be used as a vegetable garden tent and a makeshift greenhouse! Our Pagoda Tents can also be made in clear PVC which looks like glass and even has a clear top. Our clear wedding tents are for sale and extremely popular. Just have a look at our marquee tent images to see how attractive our tents are.

Our Pagoda tents are for sale in Durban and are extremely easy to transport, set up and dismantle. They can be made up to any size and can withstand most inclement weather conditions. Our tents are waterproof and fire retardant as well. They are made with the latest technology and best quality PVC, canvas and tarp. Each tent frame is expertly and precisely created using galvanized aluminium or steel poles which prevents rusting.

Contact us today for the most competitive Pagoda Tent price in the market. Our new tents can often be so competitive that they are more affordable than other tents. Found a used 20×20 tent on sale? Check with us first, you may be surprised that our new tents are so cost effective for the quality we offer. In addition to this, wear and tear on second-hand tents compromise their stability and durability. You may pay less in the short term but lose out at the end.

Tents for Sale supply tents throughout Africa. Proud of what we do, our company has been a reliable tent manufacturer situated in Durban, South Africa for over 18 years.

Buy High Quality Pagoda Tents at Affordable Prices

We at Tents for Sale specialize in manufacturing of Pagoda Tents. We are committed to manufacturing exceptional quality tents and marquees at the most competitive prices.

Our low prices do not mean that we compromise on quality, all marquees and tents are manufactured to the highest standard.

Tents for Sale was established and thereafter became a manufacturer, distributor, supplier, wholesaler of Marquees, Tents, and Pagoda Tents.

We have secured a strong client database, from small to medium enterprises to large corporate companies, and our consideration to detail and a hands-on organization has ensured that our client database continues to grow.

Our decision is to sell high volumes at a lower margin allows us to pass on some very clear pricing benefits to our customers.

The expertise and knowledge of our team also help us to understand and meet client’s requirements within short lead times. Further, it also helps us to develop designs as per client’s specifications as well as introduce new design features and structural changes so as to offer better comfort levels to our customers.

We take great superiority in our study and improvement which has led to many good products which continue to accomplish and exceed hopes long after others have fallen by the wayside.

Client happiness is our motto, which efforts our complete activities. We have listed a strong position in the global arena especially in the field of Pagoda Tents Manufacturing We have accrued a wealth of experience in the industry over the past 15 years.

Organised with our enthusiastic and expert team and our delivery service we can guarantee you of the best service and total commitment in evolving the most favourable solution to completing your tent experience.