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Tent for Sale Military Tents is one of the leading suppliers of military tents with over 30 years in the business. We have a wide selection of military tents, from Small, Medium along with other models. These Tents are built to the highest standard, making them resistant to various weather conditions with superior reliability. Good for camping, hunting, or as temporary shelters, these military tents are sure to accommodate during and eventful vacation or an emergency. Contact us via telephone or the “contact us” page to help you find the right military tent today!

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Military Tents for Sale we are committed to providing the best military and military grade tents at the best price with the best buying experience. With more than 30 years in business, Tent for Sale has rapidly become a major player in the army/military tents industry. Our products and customer service are what set us apart from the competition. Our warehouse in the heart of Africa, South Africa spans more than 30,000 sq. ft. with a constant flow of inventory in stock and always available.

Our stock varies from disaster relief shelters, tents for military workshops, recreational camps, research camps, military housing, shelters, buildings, tents, temporary buildings for government use, to camping tents. These Tents are built to the highest standard, making them resistant to various weather conditions with superior durability.

Military Tents

We treat our customers fairly and honestly. We take our commitments seriously and always follow up on our agreements. Customer Service and customer relations are among the most important foundations we strive to uphold. We know that the loyalty of our customers depends on the quality of service and we give us every effort to make sure satisfaction is guaranteed with every purchase.

Military Tents for Sale South Africa

Tent for Sale aim at providing you with military and emergency relief tents for disasters like war, natural disasters or refugees. We do so by keeping enough stock of manufactured tents and also having material in stock in case of demand. This means that we can provide you with your emergency requirements at any given time. Our tents are lightweight, long lasting and easy to set up. Our tents are manufactured with the customer in mind. We aim to provide long lasting, durable and weather friendly emergency and military tents. Keeping the international safety standards in consideration our tents are waterproof, UV protected and you can be reassured that the best of fabrics are used.