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Frame tents for sale looks much the same as a peg and pole tent, except the difference is that Frame tents have no center poles and is supported by a galvanized steel metal frame or aluminium extruded section.


By not having any center poles there is much more space to accommodate other accessories such as tables, chairs, stages and overall more people.


Frame tents come in a galvanized steel metal frame or aluminium extruded structure. Frame tents are a more cost-effective alternative to an aluminium frame tent. The coated PVC materials are available from 550g/m2 to 800g/m2 and have a life span of approximately 10-15 years all depending on how well it’s maintained.



Best Price Frame Tents

Aluminium or steel frame tents are made from a galvanized steel or aluminium structure that forms a frame. It is ideal for any terrain as they do not have poles that need to be staked into the ground.


Frame tents work very well for many different types of functions. They are particularly useful where there is no option for shelter as they are stable and bad weatherproof. They are manufactured with galvanized steel or aluminium poles to fit the frame of the tent and do not require internal and central poles for support. In fact, all the support is engineered expertly on the sides, ground and the roof of the tent to provide the best degree of stability and durability.


The advantage of having no internal poles is maximized space. There are also no restrictions on the usage of your space. The structure of the tent also means no pegs or rope are required to hold the tent in place. Frame Tents can comfortably accommodate opaque or clear panels, windows, draping throughout (including the ceiling), chandelier lighting and clear ceilings. The options are endless and very attractive.


All clear span frame tents differ in wave heights. The frame tents are designed and manufacture red in modular sections of 3m/5m.


To add to the flexibility of frame tent system, all frame tents for sale are available in a number of aesthetically pleasing design options.





A frame tents conform to traditional geometric figures and shapes. This reduces time, cost, material, and weight.


We offer a range of colours, from shaded products, with UV protection, anti-microbial, mosquito & water repellent to a watertight high gust hurricane solution for Frame Tents.



Our frame Tents Specs:

Decoration lining, light, ABS solid wall, ground anchors, PVC-clear for sidewalls, wooden floor, glass door, rain gutters, portable toilets, gas stoves, chairs, tables, table clothes, chair covers, windows


Safety Advice:

  • In some countries, approval is needed to set up a tent larger than 75 m2.
  • The owner of the tent has the sole responsibility to make sure that these local rules are followed and that the mounting is correct.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, it is your responsibility to ensure that people inside are safe and that the tent does not cause damage to others.
  • Do not use open fire, welding equipment or other ignition sources in the tent.
  • It is always recommended that you secure your tent properly with safety straps and augers when you put up the structure.
  • We recommend you to ensure the tent or check if it is covered by home contents insurance, in case of unplanned events, accidents or bad weather.
  • Tents are meant as a temporary shelter and must be evacuated under extreme weather conditions.
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Frame Tents South Africa

We specializes in the manufacture of frame tents for sale in South Africa. We are committed to manufacturing exceptional quality tents at the most competitive prices. Our low prices do not mean that we compromise on quality, all tents are manufactured to the highest standard. Our specialized tent sales team is here to help you make the right decisions when buying your tents Our experts are ready to answer any questions.


With an indefinite variation of shapes and sizes possible, we can customize your tent to your requirement. Frame Tents Durban South Africa Tents for Sale are manufacturer & supplier of frame tents. It is used for Party, Wedding, Event, Exhibition and Function. These Frame tents are also called Storage Tents, Party Tents, Wedding Tents, Event Tents and Function Tents.


Frame tents for sale. We are the only manufacturer that gives world-class quality at extremely low prices. We are the Pioneers in the tent industry. We have taken it upon ourselves to make advances in our machinery to produce only the best tents possible.


Tents for Sale is the biggest manufacturer of Frame Tents. Our frame tents for sale systems have developed into a preferred choice of marquee design with leading event hire companies. Frame tents are available in a variety of different mild steel and aluminium frame tent structures. Frame tents for sale are available in variety of different sizes in clear span tent sizes from 3m/4m/5/6m/7m/9m/10m/12m/15m/18m/20m/30m/40m/50m widths.


Advantages of Frame Tents

  • The lack of center poles means you are not restricted in your floor plan or decor.
  • These tents are very stable and can be used on any terrain and over large surface areas. The ground surface will not be damaged.
  • These are ideal for long term use at festivals and trade shows.
  • It can also be placed next to a building comfortably to create a seamless extension and enlarge your space.
  • They are lightweight, waterproof and fire resistant.
  • They look modern and elegant, perfect for any type of function.
  • Our tents are sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions.
  • They are highly stable and can cover a large surface area to cater to large events.
  • You can add large glass panels to your tent, affording your guests panoramic views of your location.
  • These tents are ideal for long-term exhibitions and functions.
  • They can be erected against a building and even indoors!


Using a Frame Tent for your function is practical and beautiful. Our stunning tents have been host to weddings, concerts, festivals, large corporate functions and parties. Our commercial frame tents are ideal for parties, weddings, gala dinners, festivals, concerts and religious events. The lack of poles inside the tent leaves the floor open for you to choose your best floor plan without restrictions. These are free standing tents and do not even need ropes. They can also be erected next to a building or another tent to extend your space.


Tents for Sale manufactures high quality galvanized steel and aluminium frame tents. All our tents are crafted and manufactured with the highest quality materials on the market today, creating durable, long-lasting tents that offer you full value-for-money. As one of South Africa’s most reputable frame tent manufacturers, we take the utmost pride in all our products and provide the best value for money.


Tents for Sale is passionate about manufacturing tents of the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. We are the best pole tent manufacturers and party tent manufacturers around. Tents for Sale are experts in new tent manufacturing. We offer commercial tents for sale cheap. All our tents are made with the strongest materials. Frame Tent sidewalls are included. We also offer clear plastic sidewalls, commercial tent sidewalls, and custom tent sidewalls (for example if you require 10×10 tent sidewalls).


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tents for Sale offer commercial frame tents for sale?

Yes we do. All our tents can be used by event catering companies who hire tents out. They are heavy duty and durable so they can be used over and over again. We offer heavy duty party tents for sale, for example we currently have a 40×60 tent for sale which has a huge capacity and is suitable for very large events.

I am going to have an annual Christmas party, where can I find a frame tent for sale?

Good thinking! It will work out much cheaper, in the long run, to purchase a tent for an annual function than to hire a tent every year. Tents for Sale manufactures high-quality frame tents for sale. Contact our helpful sales staff today for more information. We also offer frame party tents for sale in custom sizes. We have a heavy duty tent for sale which can be rented out or lent out when not in use.

Where can I find tent sidewalls for sale? I have a frame but the sidewalls are damaged.

Tents for Sale manufacture pole tent sidewalls for sale and can customize tent sidewalls to your requirements.