What is the purpose of a tent?

Tent, portable shelter, consisting of a rigid framework covered by some flexible substance. Tents are used for a wide variety of purposes, including recreation, exploration, military encampment, and public gatherings such as circuses, religious services, theatrical performances, and exhibitions of plants or livestock.

I am looking for tents for sale and prices. I want to know what a 500 seater tent price is in South Africa, can you help me?

Of course, you can contact our helpful sales staff who will take down your details, call you and advise you on the best tent to suit your needs and budget.

I am looking for a 1000 seater tent for sale, do you manufacture such large tents?

Tents for Sale can manufacture any size tent to suit your requirements. Our heavy duty, large tents are extremely durable and beautiful.

I am looking for a marquee for sale prices, can you send me some?

We are happy to help, we are the best tents manufacturers. Send us the dimensions of the tent you require or the number of guests who will attend your function and we can send you the appropriate prices.

I am looking for a tent supplier in Durban to supply church tents in South Africa. Can you help me?

Our tents are very suitable for religious gatherings. We can definitely help you, please send us an email so our helpful staff can contact you with expert advice.


We guarantee you high quality tents and great service. We have a large range of tent sizes and colors to cover events large or small. We purchase only high-quality, heavy-duty material to built a tent. We maintain our inventory and inspect it regularly so that you and your event will look great. Our experienced sale’s team will be happy to help you purchase the perfect tent according to your need. Our professional team will install your tent in a timely manner. Our team’s goal is to surpass your expectations. We will make every effort to accommodate any special needs or requirements.

When’s the best time to buy a tent?

Generally speaking, the best time of the year to buy a tent is just as camping season is ending for the vast majority of people. This is usually around late fall to early winter as stores look to get rid of last season’s inventory to prep for tax season and for the influx of new winter gear.

How much is it to buy a tent?

Most tents cost from ZAR 5,127 to ZAR 14,651. Tent cost will vary due to tent size, weight, and features. Deciding on how much money to spend is all about assessing your needs and finding a tent that matches those needs. Although the correlation isn’t perfect, you’ll generally get more tent the more money you spend.

I am looking for camping tents. Can I get some from you?

Our canvas tents and military surplus tents are ideal for group camping trips.

What are a 500-seater tent dimensions?

You will need minimum of 5000 square meters for 500 people to be accommodated in banquet style within a tent. Please contact our sales staff for further information.

Are cheap tents worth it?

Realistically, truly expensive tents are only really worth it if you are a serious camper or backpacker. But the question of whether cheap tents are worth it is always a NO. The price difference between a cheap tent and a good tent is so negligible in the long run that it’s truly a no brainer.

Where can I get a 200 seater tent price in South Africa?

Contact us to discuss your options as the price of a tent will be different according to the type of tent you require.

Should I get a 2 or 3 person tent?

The upside of going with a three-person tent is that you’ll have a much more comfortable interior space for two people. We prefer three-person backpacking tents for this very reason. The downside to upsizing your tent is that it will weigh more, so make sure to choose a lightweight tent model.

When would you use an A frame tent?

Frame tents are ideal if you need a structure for two days or even a week. Frame tents are strong and sturdy and can withstand diverse weather conditions. You can add solid flooring, either wood panels, dance floor, or any other surface for your event. You can use frame tents for setting up decorations and lighting.

How long should a canvas tent last?

A canvas tent should last at least 5 years of continuous use if it is well taken care of. A canvas tent can last much longer or much less depending on many factors that affect a tent’s life.

Why are some tents so expensive?

As others have indicated, the more expensive tents are typically made from more expensive materials (typically better performance vs weight) with higher quality construction. In nice weather, anything will do. Many of us just cowboy camp (sleeping bag on top of a ground cloth) when the weather is nice.

How long does it take to build a tent?

Depending on tent size and the experience of the person or people involved, such tents can usually be assembled (pitched) in between 5 and 25 minutes; disassembly (striking) takes a similar length of time.