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We at Tents for Sale specialize in manufacturing of Army Tents for Sale. We are committed to manufacturing exceptional quality tents and marquees at the most competitive prices. Our low prices do not mean that we compromise on quality, all marquees and tents are manufactured to the highest standard. Tents for Sale was established and thereafter became a manufacturer, distributor, supplier, wholesaler of Army Tents.

We have secured a strong client database, from small to medium enterprises to large corporate companies, and our consideration to detail and a hands-on organization has ensured that our client database continues to grow. Our decision is to sell high volumes at a lower margin allows us to pass on some very clear pricing benefits to our customers. The expertise and knowledge of our team also help us to understand and meet client’s requirements within short lead times. Further, it also helps us to develop designs as per client’s specifications as well as introduce new design features and structural changes so as to offer better comfort levels to our customers. We take great superiority in our study and improvement which has led to many good products which continue to accomplish and exceed hopes long after others have fallen by the wayside.

Buy Army Military Tents for Sale

Buy Heavy Duty Army tents. Army tents are used for the army, military and even camping. Canvas and nylon are both strong fabrics however canvas is more durable in comparison to nylon. Our canvas is coated to ensure that it’s waterproof. These tents are easy to erect and dismantle as well as convenient to stock and transport. All our tents are well manufactured by our qualified manufacturing department. We take making tents to another level. Our Army tents are available in olive green, military green and sand beige. These very lightweight tents are the ultimate when it comes to camping and any type of outdoor activities. Army tents are designed to be of maximum value and use to its owner even in the most inclement weather.


Tents for Sale are manufactured for the greatest boundaries of outdoor experience and the whole thing in between. Tents for Sale offer the same stability of livability, durability, soothe, and exact show. We’ll never sacrifice comfort for weight, skimp on delightful details, or overlook the fact that your first adventure is as memorable as your next one Tents for Sale are pitched everywhere the planet on everything from expeditions to family inhabitation holidays. Each tent we have a tendency to build whether or not for hiking within the geographic region or for the campground has been fastidiously designed for purpose with prime quality parts and materials. no matter your inhabitation would like, be it light-weight, comfort, stable or quick-to-pitch, we have the tent for you. Tents for Sale vary combines distinctive, innovative styles with the unaltered tradition of adept craftsmen operating with the best materials. The steel framed tents and marquee vary square measure self-supporting and came upon on any surface, within or outside.


Army Tents For Sale

Tents for Sale army tents for sale by top and superior tents manufacturers in South Africa, Durban Pretoria Call us now for a free quote.

  • *Heavy Duty Canvas Tent
  • *Includes all poles, pegs & ropes
  • *Olive Green

    Army Tents Manufacturers

    Tents for Sale Army for sale and Disaster Tents are high quality all weather tents designed with 320g to 400g canvas, double stitched seams to provide extra strength for long-lasting durable and weathered tents.


    We Manufacture only the best quality Army Tents for sale made for heavy duty use, Our Army Tents at Tents for Sale are made with 320g to 400g thick ripstop canvas material to be able to withstand most weather conditions. Our detail to double stitching ensures that it is long lasting and durable no matter where they are needed.



  • Light weight
  • Easy to use and dismantle
  • Comes in three different colours
  • Protects you in bad weather conditions
  • We make use of environmentally friendly materials


  • Canvas
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton

    Nylon is naturally water resistant and is often coated to make it waterproof. Nylon fibres do not rot, so storing a wet nylon tent will not damage it. However, nylon tents should be dried before storage to prevent mildew from settling on it. We at Tents for Sale make sure that all our tents are 100% waterproof to safeguard the inhabitants and interior of the tent.


    Tents for Sale brings to you the ultimate tent journey along manufacturing to supplying. Our company is equipped to incorporate the entire experience from resources to sales and even thereafter. Many underestimate the importance that tents have in one’s life and the purpose it serves is barely acknowledged, however, one must realise that tents are not made solely for the reason of decorating and accessorizing the appearance of the tent, its primary purpose is to act as shelter and protect its inhabitants. Our tents are made out of the best resources as we ensure total quality management is taking place.


    We make use of the following resources:

  • • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • • Polypropylene
  • • Steel
  • • Galvanized Aluminium
  • • Canvas

    If you require more information on our Army Tents please send us a query and one of our trained sales staff will be in touch, alternatively, give us a call and we will guide you through the process.