Alpine Tents

Alpine Tents for Sale

Tents for Sale manufactures the highest quality Alpine tents and marquees. Alpine Tents are absolutely arresting to look at. The numerous high peaks of a pristine white Alpine Tent looks glamorous and very upmarket for any event.


These tents are actually perfect for large functions, formal sit-down functions, fancy weddings, parties, festivals and fairs. They have also been used successfully for circuses and theatrical shows as they are so stable. The high peaks are aerodynamically designed and make the tent feel much more spacious due to their height.


The airflow in the tent is much better than in other tents because of the Alpine Tent’s special design. In fact, an Alpine tent can be left standing semi-permanently because it is so stable. It is often used for religious gatherings and week-long or holiday festivals.


Our Alpine Tents are for sale and are extremely easy to transport, set up and dismantle. They can be made up to any size and can withstand inclement weather conditions quite well.


Our Alpine Tents and all other tents are waterproof and fire retardant. They are made with the latest technology and best quality PVC, canvas and tarp. Each tent is expertly and precisely created using galvanized aluminium or steel poles which prevents rusting.



Buy Custom-Build High Quality Alpine Tents

Tents for Sale can custom-design any tent you require. Our workmanship is exemplary and we aim to exceed expectations when it comes to tent manufacturing. All our products come with a comprehensive 24-month guarantee.


You can also add optional accessories to your tent. These can include wooden floors, gas stoves, and clear PVC windows. We offer the best finishes on all our tents. Our prices are extremely competitive and the quality of our products speaks for themselves.


We are definitely a preferred supplier for Alpine Tents. We offer Alpine tents for sale across South Africa as well as in the rest of Africa.


Our Alpine tents Features:

  • The lack of center poles means you are not restricted in your floor plan or decor.
  • These tents are very stable and can be used on any terrain and over large surface areas. The ground surface will not be damaged.
  • Tent peaks are designed to allow fresh air to filter through the tent which keeps the interior cool.
  • The design of the tent makes the most efficient use of available space and feels exceptionally spacious.
  • The structure of this tent is designed to assemble and disassemble easily.
  • Tents for Sale manufactures only A grade alpine tents which are for sale.
  • Galvanized poles and pegs are included.
  • Ropes are included.
  • Guide ropes are included.
  • High-quality PVC covers are included.
  • As Alpine tent manufacturers, our company uses only the best fabric to build your tent. We use durable PVC that maintains quality consistently through the years.


Frequently Asked Questions.

What else can I use my Alpine party tent for?

Our Alpine tent has a number of uses. You can use it for large weddings, festivals, religious gatherings, exhibitions, shows and fairs.

What will happen to the tent during a rain or storm?

Our Alpine tents are very resilient to inclement weather conditions. The design of the Alpine peaks shed water in such a way that it does not collect anywhere (which can cause a problem with leaking at specific points. The fabric is also completely waterproof and water resistant so that you can feel safe and secure in your tent even in rain. Please note, we cannot guarantee anything as the weather is a natural phenomenon which is immeasurable. Thus far, our Alpine Tents have withstood most inclement weather conditions but we do not accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by extreme weather conditions.

How can I transport my Alpine Tent?

You will need a van or truck to transport the tent to your venue. It is extremely lightweight and easy to set up. Our experts are available to show you exactly how to handle, set up, clean and store your tent.

Can you give me a 500 seater tent price?

Our sales team are available to give you expert advice and prices based on your requirements. Contact our sales team for more information.

Can you tell me where to get a Alpine tent for rent?

Unfortunately, we do not rent out tents, we do manufacture Pagoda tents and we have the best quality Pagoda tents for sale at competitive prices.

What tent events in South Africa have been hosted in your Alpine tents?

We have had some major exhibitions, weddings, corporate events and festivals under our Alpine Tents. Our friendly sales team will give you all the information you need.

What else does Tents for Sale offer?

Tents for Sale can custom design any tent of your choice; from Peg and Pole tents, Frame tents, Stretch tents to Alpine, Aluminium, Military, Canvas, Pagoda and Wedding tents. Our exquisite tents are produced utilizing high-quality material to ensure maximum durability. We value our manufacturing procedure and guarantee that clients receive the best quality tents and value for their money. Tents for Sale also supply other types of tents and chairs for sale, wedding tables and chairs for sale and 2 pole tents for sale.

Where can I get a alpine tent for sale?

We offer the best quality alpine tents for sale and marquee tents for sale.

Where can I purchase camping tents?

While some of our tents can be used for camping if you are looking for traditional camping gear your best bet is to look at some local sporting goods stores. Please check with your tent manufacturer if your specific tent is suitable for camping. We recommend our canvas tents for camping in groups.