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Alpine Tents for Sale, The Alpine tent that we sale is made using high quality cotton canvas and it is waterproof. It is mostly used in hilly areas as the snow will not settle on the tent and make it damp. It is easy to lay out and one need not use a manual to set it up. It is in the shape of a house and can accommodate a lot of people inside. It is warm and cosy inside as it is weatherproof including the harsh winds blowing in the hills and mountains. We offer it in different sizes and people of all height can fit in. Alpine Tents is offered at a competitive price.

Features includes tough nylon taffeta cloth which is used to construct an inner tent and flysheet which stands on two vertical and one horizontal aluminium folding poles. Flysheet is extended on the backside in two and four men tents and touch the ground giving extra space to store ration, equipment or backpacks. Tough, coated nylon ground is waterproof and stitched with an inner tent the main gate is provided with a see through net. Tents are provided with sufficient pockets and loops to hang anything inside the tent. Complete with stuff sack, pegs, poles, cord and stoppers.

Alpine Tents for Sale South Africa

Tent for Sale manufactures the highest quality Alpine tents. Alpine Tents are absolutely arresting to look at. The numerous high peaks of a pristine white Alpine Tent looks glamorous and very upmarket for any event. These tents are actually perfect for large functions, formal sit-down functions, fancy weddings, parties, festivals and fairs. They have also been used successfully for circuses and theatrical shows as they are so stable. The high peaks are aerodynamically designed and make the tent feel much more spacious due to their height. The airflow in the tent is much better than in other tents because of the Alpine Tent’s special design. In fact, an Alpine tent can be left standing semi-permanently because it is so stable. It is often used for religious gatherings and week-long or holiday festivals.

Our Alpine Tents for sale are extremely easy to transport, set up and dismantle. They can be made up to any size and can withstand inclement weather conditions quite well. Our Alpine Tents and all other tents are waterproof and fire retardant. They are made with the latest technology and best quality PVC, canvas and tarp. Each alpine tent is expertly and precisely created using galvanized aluminium or steel poles which prevents rusting.

As Alpine tent manufacturers, our company uses only the best fabric to build your tent. We use durable PVC that maintains quality consistently through the years.


Alpine Tent Specification:

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Alpine Tent Key Points

  • Tent peaks are designed to allow fresh air to filter through the tent which keeps the interior cool.
  • The design of the tent makes the most efficient use of available space and feels exceptionally spacious.
  • The structure of this tent is designed to assemble and disassemble easily.
  • Sky Tents manufactures only A grade alpine tents which are for sale.
  • Galvanised poles and pegs are included.
  • Ropes are included.
  • Guide ropes are included.
  • High-quality PVC covers are included.


Our Alpine Tents Features List

  • Our Alpine  tents constructs beautiful venues using high quality marquees, ranging from wedding receptions and garden parties to summer balls and corporate events, we have a range of clear span marquees and accessories to create the perfect event.
  • Materials : Alpine tents are made from rigid aluminium or steel frames clad in white or clear apan PVC. Our tents are made by advanced technology.
  • Custom Made Sizes : Our Alpine Tents range from 20m x 20m through to 20m x 60m and we also can custom make any size to your specific requirements. Length can be extended by 5m bays. Custom made tents are welcome & also we can be beautifully branded with any logo you require.
  • Colors : We offer a range of colours, from shaded products, with UV protection, anti-microbial, mosquito & water repellent to a watertight high gust hurricane solution.
  • Aerodynamics : They can be fixed to grass, gravel or any hard surface and are designed to withstand the most inclement of weather.
  • Uses : Recycle using with long life, easy set up and dismantling, convenient stock and transport. Alpine clear span tents can be applied as exhibition tent, marquee, big party tent, wedding tent, corporate event tent, warehouse tent, garden tent, industrial tent, trade show tent, commercial tent, carport tent, military and relief tent, high peak mixed tent etc.